About Me

I am a highly academically qualified web designer and marketing consultant with over 30 years knowledge and experience.

I’m Craig mcintosh

In a world of so called professionals, I am proud to be able to back up the services I offer with high calibur qualifications from one of the United Kingdoms most reputable universities namely Edinburgh Napier Univesity .

Check out my qualifications and cv here.

References from previous projects I have worked on are available on request.

Satisfied Clients



Cups of Coffee

“Well experienced web designer and fully qualified marketing consultant, Craig builds websites that are beautiful on both desktop and mobile devices that more importantly increase sales with a customised marketing strategy ”

My Skills

I write for individuals, big & small companies, videos, printed publications, Blogs. Sometimes I even help companies build their marketing and content  strategy, drive SEO, and create their beautiful high converting websites and e-commerce stores.

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  • Wordpress Web Design
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • Website Reviews

I’m a sucker for fine words. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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