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Content generation is lead generation to build brand ambassadors and loyalty.

In a fast paced digital and social world, audiences are thirsty for content. We Will  plan, deliver and monitor social media campaigns based on your business objectives.

Blog Post Writing Services

Where to blog? More Importantly, what to post in a blog? My Blog service can help!

Benefits of Craig McIntosh Blog Service:
  • Never get bogged down with handling multiple in-house or freelance writers.
  • Keep your blog up-to-date with current and trending social commentary.
  • Designated writer to steer your blog in the direction you wish to take.
  • Relatable and original blog posts written for humans as well search engines.
  • English as a first language to work on your posts.
  • Experienced writer in almost all industries and niches.

Search engine friendly content that increases your blog’s authority

Need content to connect with your customers on a one-one-one basis? Regular blog posts on top trending keywords relevant to your industry keep you in touch with your customers. Captivate potential customers before your competitors by serving their primary needs of information while gaining visibility, trust and quality back links for your website.

Craig McIntosh is a professional blog post writer and experts in this area and can help you in generating blog posts that can play an active part in your online marketing efforts. Let Craig blog focus on your blog post writing while you focus on serving your clients with improved service resulting in more sales and higher profits.

Blogging for the sole purpose of generating backlinks is part of Search Engine Optimization but writing good blog posts requires research, a flair for writing and most importantly, experience in writing blog posts that can generate leads for your business and fortunately I have it all.

My posts captivate the attention of even the most passive readers as they are laid out in a highly scannable layout with attractive titles and subheadings, bullets, and thought-provoking content.

"Craig McIntosh is a true web design professional and built two amazing websites for two different markets for me, Craig also helped me with the marketing strategies and content strategies for both websites"

Martyn Thompson, Owner of  Cooking On A Budget and Martyn Thompson Chef

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful new website and content is right around the corner.

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