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Top Reasons why Craig McIntosh should be your only choice for SEO Articles:
  • Well researched articles to position you as industry expert
  • Thought-provoking content to drive traffic to your website
  • Content optimised for chosen keywords and trending variations
  • Prompt turn-around regardless of order size or nature of topics
  • Craig is  experienced in all industries and technical levels
  • Purely custom writing and 100% free from plagiarism
  • English as my first language
  • All articles purely custom written and free from plagiarism
How can article marketing help you generate pre-qualified leads?

Simply put, engaging articles set you apart from your competition by building awareness of your brand and adding to your authority on the subject of your article. For this reason alone if you can not invest in the best writers for your articles you might as well not do it at all.

Anyone reading your articles is a potential customer and I take it as my responsibility to engage and compel the reader to visit your website.

How can article marketing help drive traffic to your website?

Fresh content regularly added to your website or even article directories, gives your website more exposure and makes it more likely that search engines will find links to your website through relevant article pages sprinkled across the World Wide Web and even your own RSS feeds. Articles can help you build relevant and contextual links which are loved the most by search engines.

"Craig McIntosh is a true web design professional and built two amazing websites for two different markets for me, Craig also helped me with the marketing strategies and content strategies for both websites"

Martyn Thompson, Owner of  Cooking On A Budget and Martyn Thompson Chef

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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I’m ready when you are! Your brand new SEO article content is right around the corner.

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